Statins Side Effects – Cure More Deadly than the Disease
Jun. 13.

British Statin Study Raises Serious Questions

Reuters News 28 June 2010, the results of a British study calls into question the expanded use of stains, such as Pfizer`s (PFE.N) Lipitor and AstraZeneca`s (AZN.L) Crestor. “There is no evidence that prescribing cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins to patients at risk of heart disease reduces their chances of premature death,” scientists said on Monday.

Professor Kausik Ray and colleagues from the University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke`s Hospital state in Archives of Internal Medicine Journal during a meta-anlysis “There is little evidence that statins reduce the risk of dying from any cause in individuals.” And they then called into question the wide flagrant use of the drugs as a preventative treatment in heart disease for those with high risk factors.

Mata-analysis finds no benefits in short term use and no reduction in death risk in those without heart disease. Statins have long been used in the treatment and prevention of heart disease among high-risk populations. They are the biggest selling drugs of all time and are credited with preventing millions of heart attacks and strokes by the drug companies that push them.

Statins Side Effects – Cure More Deadly than the Disease

Although seen as an effective treatment for heart disease, those taking the drugs have been found to have higher risks of liver and kidney failure, muscle weakness, cataracts and other potentially deadly side effects. Out of the “11 studies involving 65,229 people; a total of 32,623 individuals were assigned to take statins and 32,606 individuals were assigned to take placebo; over an average of 3.7 years of follow-up, 2,793 participants died, including 1,447 on placebo and 1,346 on statins,” says Rueters.

The meta-analysis also showed that the lipoproteins where lower in those on the drug versus the placebo, and then conjectured that this meant the risk of heart attack and stroke were also significantly reduced. However, risk of premature death had not been reduced. They are also quick to claim that statins may work better over several decades of use. Long-term treatment, if it does not cause multiple organ failure and incapacitation first, may prevent the user from dying in 20 or 30 years so they claimed based on a study that lasted just 3.7 years..

Are Statins Really All That

Researchers found that they are over-prescribing statins even to patients with risk factors but who show no signs of cardiovascular diseases. Nearly as many people died on 3.7-year statin study as on the placebo in the study. The researchers failed to report if the causes of death were to other factors besides cardiovascular disease, stroke, or heart attack.

The research panel was SHORT term, less than 4 years, and the researchers conjectured that the stains might have an effect in 20 or 30 years of use without reporting that a basic change of eating habits and exercise will have the better cholesterol normalizing side effects without the dangerous side effects.

The research and report failed since it did not factor in the diet and exercise regimen or changes in those in the study and those currently taking on the treatment. Nor did it discuss a third and fourth group who utilized diet and exercise changes and forwent the drug or placebo. Further, the people reporting the study and research on long term use work for the companies that produce the drugs. Of course, they will not tell you that as many people died taking statins as died without treatment. Nor will they tell you that those who died did so due to the deadly side effects of the stain drugs.


Statins Side Effects – Cure More Deadly than the Disease

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