Hi There! I am Amie Sugat and I’ve been a ghost writer for fortune 500 companies since 2005. I’m obsessed with providing engaging content about products to consumers and helping them make the right choice about your product.

I originally started my professional writing as a Journalist in college and have articles published in The Roadrunner, a college periodical. Near the end of my college career, I dropped out because I felt a burning desire to switch from journalism to corporate writing and the college did not offer courses, apart from a single news media marketing class. Since 2001 I have honed my skills under the tutelage of several SEO writing companies.

But since I learned to read at the age of 3, I guess you could say my writing career started earlier than that. I wrote two children’s books, which were published locally when I was just 12. Sadly, they are now out of print, but my love of writing books started with Time Travelling Dinosaurs and Pen Pals Across the Seas. I have since ghost written several books for different people, these included ebooks on cooking, skin care, and popular diets.

Some of my favorite companies and clients to work for included Greens 8000, Nokomis Nutrition, Honda, Project Resources International, and many more doctors, nutritionists, and sports medicine clinics. However, all my ghost written work has left me with experience, but nothing to show for my hard work. I’d love to work with your company, under my byline, and use my resources, networks, and yours to promote your products, services, and company branding.

amie sugat business card

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