Terms & Conditions

My terms and conditions apply to both clients and readers and all services I offer. They are simple and to the point, if you need clarification, please contact me via the contact form below.


  • My blog contains both sponsored posts and articles I’ve carefully written to promote amiesugat.com. Unless otherwise indicated, all links are not paid for by anybody and are free promotions for the services I used for free and are my free publicity for the service. All affiliate links or ads are clearly marked and include an asterisk or logo that links to the disclosure.
  • Your private information will be kept private and any information retained are for the express purpose of serving fresh posts or newsletters into your inbox. Your information, emails, IP’s, and social media connections will never be used for commercial purposes or sold to third-parties.
  • You may unsubscribe from the post feed and newsletter at any time and disconnect yourself from any social media at any time.
  • All content is anecdotal and you are responsible for decisions and purchases made on the internet. While my content may be persuasive, ultimately you are responsible for your final actions and I cannot be held accountable for your responsibilities and decisions.
  • Wherever and whenever possible I will always give my honest opinions of the products, services, and reports I provide. And I whenever possible I will present the truth about a product, service, or event, by always fact checking with third-parties and consumer review resources. It is always possible. If new information comes to light about a product, company, or event, I will attempt to amend the articles published on this site in a timely fashion.
  • Please submit any editing requests or general inquires to the reader contact form HERE.


  • My prices are not listed because I quote services on a range of variables. However, my hourly rate ranges from $50 to $75 per hour.
  • Not all hours are billable.
  • Please contact me HERE with the details of your specific project and I will provide a tentative quote based on the parameters you provide.

Quote Terms:

  • I will quote you a fair and reasonable price for your project based on the average going rate in this industry and my rate per hour. My prices are half the going average rate of professional freelance writing and marketing as a special introductory offer and will change within a year to reflect the experience gained.
  • I will requote you immediately if there are any changes to your project or you change the needs or the scope of the project.
  • I will schedule your project within 48 hours and all work takes a minimum of two weeks, with a maximum of two months.
  • Your quoted price allows for two amendments before the halfway point. Any additional amendments will require additional fees.
  • Your price also includes one-time editing after payment. If, for any reason, you require minor edits in spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sizing, I will do so one time, for free. All other editing requests will be charged an editing fee.
  • I will invoice you two to three times. Depending on the project and if you want to put me on retainer. All projects are either one-time or on-going. One time projects require half the payment upfront and half the payment halfway through. On-going projects require a retainer each month, plus half half-way through and half and the end of the project. Ongoing projects receive discounts to offset the retainer fee if social media or marketing services are not included.
  • I ask that your projects are clear, decisive, and efficient with prompt payments, as this is what you will receive from me.


  • I work under a pseudonym to protect myself from an abusive ex-partner. All my payments are filtered through another company’s PayPal and financial services.
  • I am a freelance writer and as such all work is under contract. We will sign contracts and we are both responsible for all legal financial liabilities. I will file taxes under my real name, which will never be revealed.
  • As an independent contractor, I am not required to file W-2’s with your company and you are not required to report my work as anything other than a purchase of third-party services, as is legally defined under state and federal law. Filing W-2’s is only required for employees, not contracted third-party services.