The Truth About Freelancing

The Truth About Freelancing

Hello Reader, I’ve been on the road looking for that perfect spot to set up camp for a long cold winter. And I’ve been thinking about you. Not long ago in my journey I was stuck, or thought I was stuck, living a life I really didn’t enjoy. See, when you work for someone else, it can suck all the joy out of your job and make it, well, feel like a job and a chore. I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to live that way, and you don’t either.

From time to time we all need to be reminded, that if we just stay the course, we will reach our goals.
—Michael S. Clouse

The Journey is in the Attitude

See, I kept hanging up my freelancer hat to take in-home-care jobs I did begrudgingly. I’d be a nanny for some ungrateful parent who was going through a divorce, or be the care nurse for an elderly person and their nasty-tempered family. I’d be stuck as their personal servant without even a tiny amount of respect for a hard and underpaid job. I liked the work because the cash was quick, and when you are paying off student loan debt, quick cash and free room and board is very appealing. BUT, it wasn’t the life I wanted to live. Sure, I picked up writing jobs here and there, and even stooped as low as to sign up for those awful and soul numbing places known as content mills.

I’m here telling you that wherever you are, whatever paycheck you are earning, you are not stuck there. You can, right now, start working to get the dream life you want. And if that dream life is a career and lifestyle, because freelancing really is a lifestyle, then I am here to help you build that dream.

The Truth About Freelancing

You are the architect of your destiny… Because you write the blueprint for your life!
—Michael S. Clouse

Freelancing is many things, like setting your own schedule and choosing who to work with. Like many jobs, it can be romanticized and we can tend to forget that it is still hard work. But, unlike working for corporate America, it doesn’t have to be a soul-sucking daily grind. And you don’t have to be rich or have a savings account to get started. You just need to know the right people.

For me the right person is a colleague, who wishes to be nameless to protect my real identity, so let’s call her Annie. You see, I was broke. Broker than broke. Being a nanny or hospice nurse doesn’t pay much. It should, but the media lies about the real pay of workers. So, when I wanted to get back into this writing game, I contacted Annie. Annie wouldn’t and couldn’t just hand me money, after all she too is in the process of redefining her freelancing career, and she wants to break into magazines. YOU GET EM ANNIE! For me, I still want the freedom on business clients, but I want clients who pay better.

So, we stuck our heads together and she came up with a solution. She had a website hosting account paid up for 3 years and I had a domain purchased years ago that I hung onto. So she offered to host my site for free, in exchange, I would work as a VA for her in a small capacity.

In short, the moral of the story is, if you are broke, you are only as broke as who you know. For me, being broke didn’t mean I had to go without a website to relaunch my career. It meant that, at the end of my travels to a new state, I could set up shop and relaunch my website and freelance career for the mere price of borrowing another friend’s couch for a week.

Living Out of an RV

I don’t recommend this life for everyone, but if I can run a freelancing lifestyle out of a tiny, one-room RV in the dead of winter in an icy state, like Rhode Island, you can certainly do it from your warm snugly home out of any office you set up. You don’t need a reliable internet connection either. I don’t have one. Instead I make sure my cat, Norman, has a heating pad going at the RV and take my little Vespa to a nearby coffee shop while I sip on something warm and upload my latest creation. In fact, I don’t even have a computer or laptop. I am really doing this all off a tablet. YES REALLY, a tablet. Okay, maybe not completely. I found someone that lets me rent time on their desktop when I need to make major repairs or work on the website. Like week before last, when I rented their PC, while they were at work, for a mere $50. They were $50 richer and I had 40 hours, during their split shifts, to rebuild my website.

Now that the website is up and running and I have Annie as backup, monitoring for any hiccups in exchange for me editing content for her, I can revert back to my tablet or pulling research from computers at internet cafes.

You Are Already Way Ahead of Me

So, if you have a steady home internet connection, a laptop or desktop, and at least window 7 or higher, you are way ahead of me at this freelancing game. If you are willing and ready to work harder than you ever have before, you can break free of your job. The time frame all depends on how much time and effort you put into it.

Launching a freelancing career takes breaking a few habits, like video games, TV and reading novels, for a short time. But it’s worth it. Rest assured those TV shows will be on Netflix waiting for you when you get back. And when you have your freelancing career in full swing, then you will have the time, and money to sit back and watch them. Getting started really does depend on you and your time and effort. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and get motivated.

Like Zig Ziglar says, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”


Welcome to

Welcome to


Although this website is several years old, i am starting over, with brand-new content. I experienced a set back when someone hacked onto my server and deleted the contents of the website. Because I was on the road, I could not stop to rebuild the site until my summer travel tour of the east coast was over. When I got myself settled into a state for the winter, I decided to redefine how my business runs. No more 2-bit posts or rejected content mill articles. It is time to relaunch with a professional and personal flair.

The original purpose of this website was to give me a place to dump unsold or rejected content along with personal blog posts, journaling, and short stories. The content was BORING! Even I was bored to tears to go back and read my material. So, with my new lease on life, my new lifestyle underway, and a decision to leave my long-term career as a nanny and care provider, I decided to relaunch my writing career.

Introducing the NEW Amie Sugat

Reinventing oneself is a tough process. Reinventing a website-based business even more so. I spent a good part of this fall, while I was setting into my new lifestyle and remodeling out of my tiny RV, that I wanted something more from this site, and myself. I decided on pulling the website around my deep desire to help entrepreneurs, like myself, find gainful self-employment, in spite of the current economic-political system. I knocked on the virtual door of a writer I met back when I was just breaking into content mills, before even knowing what a content mill was. I asked her for guidance in my new journey. Guidance in building a website, defining the site’s purpose, and deciding on a way to monetize, and then how to bring in traffic and readers. She helped me see that I need to think of the needs of the readers and serve you up the type of content that can help you make an informed decision about products and services, both mine and those that you will need to build a business of your own.

Serving up content that serves you is now paramount on my mind. In addition to offering my services in building great content for your business and designing marketing materials that help you get results, I will be serving up products reviews, business tutorials, and helping you to learn to do this all for yourself too. Also, to keep up with my freestyle lifestyle, I will serve up reviews of all the great cafes and tourist spots I hit during my travels. Finally, I will include personal posts with funny stories about the people I meet along the way and the experiences that inspire me to bring you fresh, daily content.

Please join me on this journey and see what kind of fun I can get into along the way.

A sunny little beach I found in Rhode island.
A sunny little beach I found in Rhode island.