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Although this website is several years old, i am starting over, with brand-new content. I experienced a set back when someone hacked onto my server and deleted the contents of the website. Because I was on the road, I could not stop to rebuild the site until my summer travel tour of the east coast was over. When I got myself settled into a state for the winter, I decided to redefine how my business runs. No more 2-bit posts or rejected content mill articles. It is time to relaunch with a professional and personal flair.

The original purpose of this website was to give me a place to dump unsold or rejected content along with personal blog posts, journaling, and short stories. The content was BORING! Even I was bored to tears to go back and read my material. So, with my new lease on life, my new lifestyle underway, and a decision to leave my long-term career as a nanny and care provider, I decided to relaunch my writing career.

Introducing the NEW Amie Sugat

Reinventing oneself is a tough process. Reinventing a website-based business even more so. I spent a good part of this fall, while I was setting into my new lifestyle and remodeling out of my tiny RV, that I wanted something more from this site, and myself. I decided on pulling the website around my deep desire to help entrepreneurs, like myself, find gainful self-employment, in spite of the current economic-political system. I knocked on the virtual door of a writer I met back when I was just breaking into content mills, before even knowing what a content mill was. I asked her for guidance in my new journey. Guidance in building a website, defining the site’s purpose, and deciding on a way to monetize, and then how to bring in traffic and readers. She helped me see that I need to think of the needs of the readers and serve you up the type of content that can help you make an informed decision about products and services, both mine and those that you will need to build a business of your own.

Serving up content that serves you is now paramount on my mind. In addition to offering my services in building great content for your business and designing marketing materials that help you get results, I will be serving up products reviews, business tutorials, and helping you to learn to do this all for yourself too. Also, to keep up with my freestyle lifestyle, I will serve up reviews of all the great cafes and tourist spots I hit during my travels. Finally, I will include personal posts with funny stories about the people I meet along the way and the experiences that inspire me to bring you fresh, daily content.

Please join me on this journey and see what kind of fun I can get into along the way.

A sunny little beach I found in Rhode island.
A sunny little beach I found in Rhode island.


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