Using Your Time Wisely – How to divide Your Time as a Freelancer

Using Your Time Wisely – How to divide Your Time as a Freelancer

The thing about freelancing is that, unlike a regular job where someone else sets your schedule and has you on a set course of activities each work period, time spent freelancing is rarely ever the same. Sure, after a time, you may find yourself with a routine of blogging on certain days, but the majority of your time will be spent prioritizing your time among a laundry list of necessary projects, all of which will keep you on your toes for months to come.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. ”
-Zig Ziglar

Getting your priorities set helps you divide the time up you have. I understand fully that not everybody gets a bonus week off work to sit down and build a website, but over the next few weeks I hope you will join me as I write tutorials that help you build your website, marketing campaign, and client base. Let’s get busy planning your first business projects: your website, your social media campaigns, your business cards, and your presentation.

Your First Website

You may have had website in the past, or may be running a semi-successful website now. If you want to run a business, you will need a dedicated website to act as a storefront for your clients to see all about your product and how you can serve them. This website should be clean, simple, and clear about your product or service.

We will get to this tutorial next week, but for now, think about what product you will offer, articles, blog posts, graphic media, art, ebook writing, virtual assistant, etc. brainstorm what kind of career you want to do from home that is in high demand on today’s online markets. You will need a clear vision of the purpose and branding your website will have and this needs to be separate from things you might sell, like purses or dress patterns, if you also want another hobby to earn cash.

Your Social Media

Before you run along and set up a Facebook page or twitter account for your business, you need to have a clear vision of your mission as a business owner. Tomorrow’s article will talk about branding yourself.

Just for now, today’s homework is to go find YouTube videos about setting up Facebook pages, twitter, google plus, and linked in. we will have some nice tutorials laid out for you in the coming weeks. Familiarize yourself with these marketing tools and how they are used during this week’s free time.

Business Cards and Offline Marketing

Business cards will be your main offline marketing campaign. You will find a tutorial for this on my blog and learn how to use your branding to get your cards in the hands of waiting and interested people. For not, just know this is one of the most important expenses you will have. If you need to forego a few lattes this week to save up for them, please do.

Branding Your Business

Branding your business is a combination of your logo, your mission, your 5-secondd pitch, and how you can inject this into daily conversations and your online media. First things first, there is no need to go plastering your friends and families pockets with your new idea. It is okay to keep it secret, because although you may eventually sell your product to one of them, it’s a tough market and you may be underpaid as family and friends tend to think you can serve them for next to nothing. Leave them out of your dream, your market is everybody you meet and greet and more. Don’t worry if you are shy or clam up around strangers. I have an approach that makes the focus on the other person and puts your business in their hands with less than two sentences to a pitch and letting them do all of the talking.

Your Homework for This Week:

Spend your carved out time this week and weekend familiarizing yourself with setting up social media accounts and how to utilize them in marketing. That it, just some study. My next posts will get you saving up for your major expenses a website and business cards, and after that, how to brand yourself.

And now it’s your turn! Read thebooks; listen to the CDs; take the classes; and build something magnificent!


—Michael S. Clouse

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Photo by Travel 2.0

Photo by Travel 2.0