Branding Your Business Gets Results

Branding Your Business Gets Results

You may not have heard of business branding before, or may feel uncomfortable about the kind of scary term. Business branding really means the logos and slogans you use to promote your business. Before you put up a website, open up social media accounts for your business, or buy business cards, you need to think about your brand. And I mean, think of the face you want your business to show to the world. As an example, you can see that my brand is a carbonized version of my face, my name, my slogan, and my title.

“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”

~ Zig ziglar

Brainstorming Your brand

In the business of freelancing, it’s a really good idea to put your face and your name as your brand, and it makes things much simpler when you go for a business license, since you won’t need to copyright your own name.

As you go about your weekend activities, take note of the name brands you see on billboards, store shelves, and commercials. Note which of these is most memorable to you and how many public figures use their name and picture to promote their business, aka their brand.

Unless you are hiding from an abusive ex where using your name and face could put your life in jeopardy, like I am, you should have no problem using your real name and picture. Many writers and freelance artists use a combination of either their first and middle names, or middle and last names, along with a decent looking selfie, as their personal brand.

Designing Your Personal Brand

Before you go buy cards with your name and picture on them, you can use a free product like PicMonkey to design your brand, logo, headers, profile images, favicons, business cards, and much more.

“Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings”
~Zig Ziglar

This weekend, or this week, take note of brand logos, designs, social media headers and icons, (those of businesses in your area), and your personal tastes in font types, colors, and icon images. Then familiarize yourself with PicMonkey features by checking out these tutorials. Feel free to doodle in your notebook until you get an idea how you want your website header, social media header, profile icons, and business cards to look like.

Next week I will put up a nice tutorial on setting up and designing your graphic media that will become your brand. This tutorial will be complete with image size requirements and placements. In the meantime, think of a catchy title for your position, mine is “Freelance Blog Writer” and my slogan is “Professional business blog writing and promoting. Turn your website & social media into a sales funnel.” I hope this helps you decide on the type of freelance work you would like to provide and how you would like to present your sales pitch in a conversation.


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Photo by Brett Jordan